Week 16 Picks

What a gut punch yesterday’s 0-3 was. How the Bucs and Texans scored only 9 total points after half time is something that will give me nightmares. Then you have the Bills who couldn’t stop the Patriots to keep the game under. Could have held them to a field goal and I would have been happy. Then the 49ers decide to only win by 3. Hey how about you win on a last second TD instead of just settling for 3. Have some ambition for me one time. Anyway, on to Sunday, I need to right this ship before the Playoffs starts or else my family is getting homemade coupons for Christmas.

I’m gonna jump around a little here but first give me Philly +1.5 against Dallas. I just can’t see the Eagles losing at home with the division on the line. Especially considering they are facing those frauds the Cowboys. Next I kinda like Cincy -1.5 against Miami. Cincy has a game advantage for the top pick and Miami will be trying to lose to better their pick. Also Cincy has been in every game this year, look for them to win here and cover. Next I like the Jags +7 against the Falcons. The Jags just fired Coughlin so the team got an immediate moral boost. Also the Falcons shouldn’t be touchdown favorites against any football team. Lastly give me the over in the Sunday night game. It’s gonna be cold and the Bears will have no desire to be there. The Chiefs will put up points early and give up a few garbage time points to allow a back door cover.

Take some time to really enjoy your second to last Sunday of regular season football, because if your a fan of a team who won’t be playing in January the offseason is long.

Big dog

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