Rich Homie John Week 17

Here we go, last game of the season for the Jets. There will be no postseason football for the Jets for the ninth consecutive season. Only Tampa Bay and Cleveland have longer playoff droughts. Pathetic. The Jets will make it a nice even decade next season.

In a game that truly means nothing for either side, the Jets are +1 underdogs on the road in Buffalo this week. A Bills opponent that figures to be resting many of its key players to avoid injury, and the Jets are still +1 underdogs. As usual, there is a huge coaching disparity as McDermott will coach circles around Gase for the second time this season. Let’s remember the first game, Gase’s offense did absolutely nothing, which we would come to find out the rest of the season is a feature of his offense, not a bug. The Bills outgained the Jets 370 to 223 in week 1. The Jets defense scored eight points via a Mosley TD and safety. The Jets offense mounted one solitary TD drive coming off of that safety with a short 60 yard field. The biggest play of the drive was a roughing the passer penalty. The Jets offensive scheme is simply not good enough to compete with the Bills defense.

Although the under is once again low at 37, we have a Bills team that will be resting many key offensive players, and a Jets team that has a coach who is incapable of scheming an effective offense. I expect a similarly low scoring game to week 1. Take the under 37.

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