Week 17

Man what a disappointing season from the Big Dog. I will be back to the drawing board this off season and be back with a vengeance next year. Until then I will work to give out some winners for the last week of the season and for the playoffs. First game is obvious, and thats the Jets +1.5. The Bills are going to be resting their starters for most of the game so the Jets should be able to get a win. It will be a meaningless win and will do nothing but further worsen their draft position but a win is a win I guess. Next give me Chicago -3.5, for the same reason as the Jets. Minnesota will be resting their starters so Chicago should win easy. Next give me Tennessee -6, Houston has already clinched the division, but a win here puts the Titans in the playoffs. I expect them to win big. Give me Philly -4. If they win they are in and I expect them to steam roll the Giants. Also they played 2 weeks ago and Philly won by 6. I’ll take Pitt -1, Baltimore has locked up the number one seed and will be sitting a good portion of their starters. Then in the night game give me Seattle +3. Seattle playing at home with the division on the line, I like them to win outright but I’ll take the points.

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