New York Jets 2019 Season Review

To consider the Jets 2019 Season anything other than a failure would be a lie. For a team that went out and spent as aggressively in free agency as the Jets did and then to be eliminated from playoff contention before December is embarrassing for every member of the organization. I’ll go through each group in the organization and give some thoughts on them and an overall grade, starting with that Charmin soft CEO Chris Johnson.

Front Office


When looking back on the Jets season it is hard to decipher what reports are true and which reports are fabricated by beat reporters to garner clicks. Generally if it is an article from Manish, I am going to take everything said with a grain of salt. Take the article Manish wrote on November 5th, 2019, titled “Jets CEO Christopher Johnson believes criticism for Adam Gase Hire is unfair: sources” LINK This is an article I tend to believe because like I said Chris Johnson is soft as toilet paper and doesn’t like to take accountability for his actions while leading the Jets. Chris Johnson was the one who bought the snake oil that Adam Gase was selling and rather then owning up to his mistake he said Gase would be back when the Jets had a 2-7 record. The only saving grace for Chris Johnson is that he fired Macagnan and hired Douglas and gave him final say in personal decisions. While I agree it was a dumb decision to let Mac go through the draft and Free Agency, I was just happy to see him gone. For the Jets to have any hope moving forward the Johnson brothers need to have as little to do with football operations as possible. Since the Johnson’s took over the Jets the teams overall record is 147-172, and the team has 8 seasons of double digit losses while making the playoffs just 6 times. The further we can move away from the Johnson’s having to pick new GM’s and coaches the better. GRADE: F


I will first talk about Mac: He was by any measure, the worst GM in NFL history. For starters, he couldn’t draft at all. Every year he used the “Best Player Available” mantra when going through the draft. Here’s a list of Mac’s draft history and where they are now.


  • 1.6:  Leonard Williams  — Giants (.5 sacks)
  • 2.37:  Devin Smith —  Cowboys (Had 10 total Rec for Jets, and hasn’t appeared in a game since week 4)
  • 3.82:  Lorenzo Mauldin  — Out of NFL
  • 4.103:  Bryce Petty  —  Out of NFL
  • 5.152:  G Jarvis Harrison  —  Out of NFL
  • 7.223:  NT Deon Simon  —  Out of NFL


  • 1.20:  Darron Lee  — Chiefs
  • 2.51:  Christian Hackenberg  — Out of NFL
  • 3.83:  Jordan Jenkins
  • 4.118:  CB Juston Burris  —  Browns
  • 5.158:  OT Brandon Shell
  • 7.235:  P Lac Edwards
  • 7.241:  WR/ST Charone Peake – Out of NFL


  • 1.6:  Jamal Adams
  • 2.39:  Marcus Maye
  • 3.79:  ArDarius Stewart  —  Out of NFL
  • 4.141:  Chad Hansen  —  Texans practice squad
  • 5.150:  Jordan Leggett  —  Bucs practice squad
  • 5.181:  Dylan Donahue  —  Out of NFL
  • 6.188:  Elijah McGuire
  • 6.197:  DB Jeremy Clark  — Out of NFL
  • 6.204:  CB Derrick Jones — Out of NFL


  • 1.3:  Sam Darnold
  • 3.72:  Nathan Shepherd
  • 4.107:  Chris Herndon
  • 6.178:  Parry Nickerson — Jags
  • 6.180:  Folorunso Fatukaski
  • 6.204:  Trenton Cannon


  • 1.3:  Quinnen Williams
  • 3.68:  Jachai Polite — Rams practice squad
  • 3.92:  Chuma Edoga
  • 4.121:  Trevon Wesco
  • 5.157:  Blake Cashman
  • 6.196:  Blessuan Austin

That is an astoundingly bad draft record. Because of this it forces Jets to over pay for free agents because they have been unable to draft and develop talent of their own. Only problem is generally teams don’t let good players walk in free agency so you get left with the Trumaine Johnsons, and Spencer Longs of the world. One of Mac’s final moves before being fired was trading for Keleme Osemele because as you can see from his draft history, not only was he historically inept, he also failed to address the offensive line position. We all know how the Osemele and Jets marriage ended, with legal action. We will see how Mac’s most recent picks turn out but if his previous draft record is any indication, they won’t be good. Grade: F

Now onto Joe Douglas: There really isn’t much to judge Joe Douglas on this year as he has made limited number of moves, and so far it has been a mixed bag. His first move was to get Ryan Kalil out of retirement, a move at the time that I loved. However when watching Kalil play it became clear he was a shell of himself. Kalil gave the Jets 7 games of shitty football before being placed on the IR. His next move was signing Ryan Griffin to a contract extension. Griffin played well this season and when he was healthy added a new dynamic to the Jets offense. I, along with a lot of fans were waiting for Chris Herndon to come back from suspension/injury but with the emergence of Griffin you almost forgot about how great Herndon was last year. Griffin averaged 31.3 yards per game, 3.2 receptions per game with 5 total TD’s. I don’t think Griffin will ever be a top 5 TE, but having him and Herndon in 2 TE sets could help Darnold greatly. Douglas’s last move that I can think of was the trade of Leo to the Giants. The Jets were able to get a 3rd round pick and a 5th round pick that turns into a 4th if Leo resigns with the Giants. While it isn’t much for a former 6th overall pick, the fact they were able to get something for him rather than just letting him walk in free agency can be viewed as a positive. Joe Douglas’s real job will come this off season with the draft and what players he signs or lets walk or who gets traded. Grade: C


 Head Coach:

This is a situation where everyone and their mother could see Gase was the wrong hire except the person doing the actual hiring. This is a coach who had a losing record with the Dolphins, only made the playoffs one year with the team and whose offense never finished in the top half of the league in either scoring or yards. The Jets have actually performed worse this year in terms of both points and yards then they did the previous year. Adam Gase is a man who has unjustly earned the label of “Offensive Genius”. This is a man who is coasting on what he did 6 years ago when he had one of the best quarterbacks of all time. The year before he got the job as Miami head coach, his Chicago offense was 21st in the league in yards, and 23rd in points. Now Gase was brought in with the specific goal of developing Sam Darnold. I will have a lot more on that when I talk about Darnold but overall this season has been a failure. Gase is the first coach this millennial to not have a winning record in his first season as Jets head coach. Some people will make excuses for his performance by citing the number of injuries the Jets have suffered, but don’t be fooled by that. Even without the injuries Gase has proven to be a terrible head coach time and time again. He is a hard worker and that shows in the scripted first series he runs where the Jets have performed extremely well on the year. However the measure of a truly good coach is the ability to adjust mid game and Gase has shown he is unable to do this. I don’t think there is a single Jets fan that is happy to have been right about Adam Gase. Jets fan want nothing more then to be able to watch consistent competent football, however that is not what we have seen from Adam Gase. The Jets had countless opportunities to turn the season around against bad teams, and failed each time. In years past the Jets have blown countless 4th quarter leads, and besides the Bills game have done a good job of holding onto leads late in games. This is partially aided by the fact they are normally down double digits in the 4th quarter of games. Like I mentioned above Gase will be back next year and no one is hoping to be wrong more than myself, but I don’t see it happening. The Jets don’t have a friendly schedule next year as they play the NFC West which is a far cry from the NFC East who they were able to beat up on. One last thing on Gase. As Jets fans, stop using the success of former players as an indictment on Gase. There are so many valid reasons to hate Gase from things that we have seen of his coaching this season, we don’t need to cherry pick players from his past to shit on him. Also this headline from Manish about Gase is laugh out loud funny. Anytime I need a laugh I can read this headline and get a chuckle. “Adam Gase on not caring about fan criticism: ‘I’m rich as f–k’” Link One last thing on Gase that I hate, why is he so conservative. Kicking a 50 yard field goal in Buffalo in the rain when all you need is two yards, IN A LOST SEASON? It makes no sense and if anything changes next year I hope he gets the Harbaugh/ Pederson attitude. In order to understand Gases first year as Jets coach just look at their offensive rankings.

Total: 32 Run: 31 Pass: 29 Scoring: 31. At least they were able to avoid being in the thirties in every category.

Grade: F

Defensive Coordinator:

Greg Williams has done a good job this year despite injuries to players who were expected to be big pieces on defense. CJ Mosley was basically lost for the year in week 1. Quinnen Williams has been on and off the injury report. Avery Williamson went on IR during the preseason. Nathan Shepard and Brandon Copeland missed time from suspension and Blake Cashman found himself on the IR as well. Going into the season the things that were being said about the Jets were that they had a deep defensive line but other than that were thin in most positions. Everyone knew that corner was going to be a problem for the Jets and for much of the season that proved true. False Johnson proved to be the worst free agent signing in the past 40 years, and aside from Brian Poole the rest of the corners have shown flashes but not much sustained success. Jamal Adams turned in another All Pro season and Marcus Maye back to being fully healthy showed to be a solid center field safety. The defensive line was great against the run but was unable to consistently generate pressure without bringing a blitz. The Jets still lack a true top tier edge rusher and with all the other holes on the roster I doubt they will be able to add one this season. Jordan Jenkins is solid but nothing that will put a fear in opposing offenses.  If the Jets can get a full season from CJ Mosely, and more consistency from their stable of young CB’s then this defense should be top 10 if Greg Williams comes back. The one complaint I have about Williams is that his defenses tend to start slow. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Greg Williams hire this off season but now I would hate to see him leave. Now having said all that about Greg Williams and the defense, the unit is still 16th in points against, and when you are 31st in points for it’s a recipe for losses. Grade: B+

Special Teams Coach:

Brant Boyer has solidified himself as one of the best special teams coordinator in the league. This is the second year in a row that the Jets punt returner will lead the league in yards per return. Sam Ficken has come in and been a kicker, after Vedvik cost the Jets the game week 1. The Jets according to Football Outsiders have the number 2 ranked special teams, last year they were number 1, and a lot of the credit goes to Brant Boyer. Again, if the Jets can couple an offense that isn’t the worst in the league with their already good defense and special teams then they should be able to compete to make the playoffs. Grade: A-



For this I am just going to focus on Sam Darnold, and pretend that the games with Luke Falk were a nightmare and not real life. Like I mentioned earlier, Gase was hired with the idea of being able to develop Darnold into an elite quarterback. Now the question is, has Darnold improved under Adam Gase. Based on nearly every statistical measure Darnold has improved from last year to this year, but not by much. He has more yards, a better completion percentage, more TDs, less INTs, and a better Quarterback rating. He has done so while playing behind the 30th worst pass blocking offensive line in the league. (Last year the Jets line rankes 18th) For Darnold the conversation will always be about limiting the turnovers, something he hasn’t been good at early in his career. Now he’s not Jameis Winston, but when he shot put the ball against the Dolphins it was very Winston-esque. The game everyone will remember from Darnold this year is the one where he said he was seeing ghosts against the Patriots. Admittedly that was probably the worst game I have ever seen him play. Since that game he has played much better, putting up 2 games with quarterback ratings above 125, and 2 other games with quarterback ratings above 95. Now I know you can’t just eliminate games from a players resume, but if you were able to do that with Darnold, his quarterback rating on the year would be 93.2, which would rank him 15th in the league right behind Carson Wentz. Besides the Patriots game, his worst statistical games were against the Bengals(30th ranked defense) and the Jags(29th ranked defense). Also if you look historically he hasn’t played great against bottom tier defenses, something he will have to change to take the next step. Below is a table showing Darnolds stats versus defensive ranks.

Defensive Ranks 1-8 9-16 17-24 25-32 Total
Games 11 3 2 10 26
COMP 194 55 42 221 512
ATT 356 89 62 348 855
YDS 2008 616 631 2634 5889
TD 14 2 6 14 36
INT 11 3 2 12 28
rat 71.2312734 75.8661049 119.758065 85.5842912 81.0745614

Or if you prefer a graph, here you go.


The Jets opponents next year have an average defensive rank of 14.875. The Patriots and Bills both look to have top tier defenses again so if Darnold is to be successful he needs to improve his play against elite talent. He also needs to be able play better against bottom tier opponents. His rating should be in the mid to high 90’s against the bottom 4th of the league if he wants to ever be great. Overall Darnold played okay, he improved down the stretch, he had a winning record overall but he wasn’t able to string together great performances like you want your QB to do. Look at what Carson Wentz has done for the Eagles this year. Now he’s not hindered by a historically bad coach, but he lost almost all his week one weapons and was still able to lead his team to a division title. I don’t think Darnold is anywhere near Wentz right now but from the flashes I’ve seen from Darnold he isn’t playing to his potential. Some of that is Gase’s fault but Darnold isn’t blameless. Going into next year the key will be consistency. If he can consistently play like we have seen flashes of through his first two years then the Jets as a whole will greatly improve.  Another hope is that with an improved offensive line Darnold will be able to take the next step. People like to point to the injuries to the offensive line as the problem as if they were lights out when fully healthy. They were bad from the jump and hopefully some infusion of talent along the line will help everyone Darnold included. Grade: C-

Running Backs:

I think running back and offensive line could probably be grouped together but I’ll write a little about both. When the Jets signed Bell I was of course ecstatic because it meant more weapons for Sam Darnold. Little did I know that the line was going to be one of the worst in the league and that Adam Gase wasn’t going to know how to utilize Bell’s talents. While I do believe some of the blame for Bells under performance can be blamed on Gase, and the line, to me he didn’t look like the same player he was in Pittsburgh. He had no where near the same burst that he did with the Steelers, he was still incredibly elusive but to me not as much burst. I know patience is the big part of his game, but it was always patience then a burst through the hole which I didn’t see this year. Think about this, the Jets longest run all season came from Sam Darnold. No running back on the Jets had a run over 20 yards all season. Now the extreme anti Gase crowd will say that the reason for the lack of production from Bell was his misuse by Gase. However I would point out that both Powell and Montgomery had equal or better YPC then Bell did. Bell had the 11th most carries in the NFL and despite this fact, he had the 24th most rushing yards and only 3 TDs. One of Bells best traits as a player is his ability to catch the ball either out of the backfield, or lined up as a WR. He showed this ability throughout his time with the Jets finishing 2nd on the team in receptions and 3rd on the team in yards. Looking at scrimmage yards is a much better indicator of a RB, and Bell was able to finish 19th in the league. Still when you compare that to his last 3 full seasons in Pittsburgh where his floor was 1800 yards it’s not as impressive. Again, a portion of the blame does fall on Gase and the offensive line but if you think Bell is blameless you are kidding yourself. Consider this, since 2014 every year Bell has played 12 or more games his yards per touch has declined. I don’t want to see the Jets get rid of Bell in the off season, because I still think he is a good player. However maybe it is time for the Jets fans to temper expectations for Bell moving forward if he stays with the team. Even if the Jets improve their offensive line, it is unlikely the line will jump into the top 5 in the league in terms of yards from scrimmage. I think improving his efficiency, and yards per touch is more important moving forward then just blindly saying he needs more yards. I think a better goal would be to have 5.0 yards per touch, which is a much better indicator for a running backs success then total yards. Like I said the extreme anti Gase crowd will say he is the sole reason for Bell’s poor performance this year but I think the blame goes around. I just saw this tweet from Rich Cimini while scrolling through twitter. “This is pretty mind-boggling: Le’Veon Bell gained 3.22 yards per rush for the season, the worst mark in Jets single-season history among players with at least 200 rushes. Wow.” I think the Jets need to add some speed to their running back room and do a better job of rotating their backs. Part of that is about staying on the field something the Jets struggled to do. Grade: D+

Wide Receivers:

For me I was indifferent about the Jets receivers this year. Was the year a success for them? No not at all, they still haven’t had a 1000 yard receiver since the 2015 season. Their expected number 2 receiver went down with a neck injury for the second time in 3 seasons. Robby Anderson showed improvements to his route running but was unable to solidify himself as a reliable number 1 receiver. Crowder was solid all year long, proving to be a reliable safety blanket for Darnold throughout the year. Thomas and Darnold were developing good chemistry before Thomas went down with injury, and Smith proved to be a serviceable NFL player. When you look at the Jets receivers on paper they don’t blow you away and I think that translates to the games. They don’t have a legitimate #1 receiver and at times that shows. I would say I want one early in the draft but with their offensive line the way it is currently, it’s much more likely the Jets go that route. So where does this leave the Jets heading into the offseason? First, resign Robby Anderson. While he may never be a number 1 receiver, him and Darnold have good chemistry and he has shown this year to be more than just a deep threat. Then I’d bring Thomas back as insurance in case Enunwa isn’t able to get back to his old level. After that though I’m not sure what the Jets should do. Do you pay for a “#1” like Cooper or AJ Green? I personally wouldn’t. I think the better move is to draft someone in the middle rounds. While the likelihood of hitting on a WR early is much greater there is still plenty of production to be found in later rounds. This year, of the 25 WRs to surpass 1000 yards receiving, 15 were not drafted in the 1st round. Breaking down those 15 a little further, 10 went to power 5 schools. Of the 5 who did not attend power 5 schools, all of them had multiple seasons with over 1000 yards receiving. Of the 10 who attended power 5 schools, all but 1 had multiple seasons with over 750 yards receiving. There were also 4 who had multiple 1000 yard receiving years in college of the group who went to a power 5 school. So what is all this to say, if the Jets are going to draft a receiver in the middle rounds, the best indication of NFL success is success in college. Taking a look back at Mac’s drafts, of the 3 receivers drafted from rounds 2-5, not a single one had multiple 750 yard seasons, and just one had a season where they surpassed 1000 yards. Looking at a random top 15 receiver rankings found here, receivers I would be happy with the Jets ending up with (from ranks 10-15) are the following. Denzel Mims, Bryan Edwards, JD Spielman, Antonio Gandy-Golden. I haven’t studied much of the draft and I’m sure those rankings are shit but it was just a quick example of who I think the Jets should target. The Jets receivers are who I am most interested to see next season. Grade: C

Offensive Line:

The Jets started 9 different offensive line combinations and 11 different offensive linemen this past season. People will use those numbers as an excuse for why the line performed so poorly, but it’s not like the line were world beaters before the injury. Kalil under performed when healthy. Osemele looked a shell of his former pro bowl self. Brian Winters was always a below average guard. Beachum is serviceable but I don’t think anyone would consider him elite and Shell is less then serviceable. That was the state of the line week 1, and it went down hill from there. Alex Lewis was an upgrade over Osemele playing through a torn shoulder. Harrison probably should have been starting over Kalil from the beginning but at his best he’s probably a top 25 center in the league. Edoga was never meant to start this season and it showed when he was out there. I think you get the picture though, the line was horrible. The Jets line ranked 31st in run blocking and 30th in pass blocking. While offensive line success is a good indicator of team success it is possible to win with an average line, which is the jump the Jets should hope to make this off season. This off season the Jets need to bring in at least 2 new starters and 2 other players who will compete for the other 3 spots. If Edoga can develop over the off season that would help greatly. Look for Douglas to draft multiple offensive linemen, something we never saw Mac do. The Jets priority this season has got to be protecting Darnold and getting a line that can improve the run game. Grade: F

Tight Ends:

At the start of the season I thought Chris Herndon would have a break out season, instead he never did anything due to suspension and injury. Our “blocking” tight ends on the roster where some of the worst by any metric. The only bright spot was Ryan Griffin emerging as a solid option. The big thing this off season will be to get everyone healthy and they should be able to have a solid group of receiving TE’s. Hopefully Wesco can improve so he can be utilized for what he was drafted to be and actually be an okay blocker. Grade: D+


Defensive Line:

The position on the Jets that everyone thought would be there strength was, at least when it came to run defense. The Jets lead the league in run plays stopped for a loss or no gain. They were second in the league in rush yards allowed per game and if not for a poor performance against the Ravens likely would have been # 1. They had a consistent stable of linemen rotating in throughout games and were lead by some break out performers. Unfortunately neither of those break out performers were #3 overall pick Quinnen Williams, or #6 overall pick Leonard Williams. Instead it was 6th round pick out of U Conn, Foley Fatukasi, and 36 year old 3rd round second year player Nathan Shepard. They got solid time from undrafted free agent Kyle Phillips as well. However I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Quinnens disappointing rookie season. He finished the year with 2.5 sacks, 28 tackles over 13 games. He showed flashes of what made him so touted out of Alabama, but with the 3rd pick in the draft you don’t want flashes you want production from the second they step on the field. His rookie season was a bust, lets hope he can turn it around in his sophomore campaign. Like I said the defesnisve line was great against the run but not as effective at rushing the passer. Not a single linemen had more than 2.5 sacks and none of them had over 9 QB hits. Hopefully the Jets can pair an edge rusher with this defensive line, maybe a 3rd round project out of a SEC school like Florida with some character concerns. Bring a player like that into the Jets culture and I’m sure they would thrive. Grade: B


I’d be hard pressed to find any unit around the league who was decimated like the Jets linebackers, specifically their middle linebackers. After losing Avery Williamson in the preseason for the year and then losing CJ Mosely in week 1 for basically the year. From there Neville Hewitt and Blake Cashman took over. Cashman only lasted 7 games before finding himself on the IR. Hewitt missed 4 games with a neck stinger. Brandon Copeland started 3 games there after serving his suspension, and Jeremy Burgess came from the streets to give the Jets 10 starts. Despite all this their linebackers performed pretty well. It helps when you have an All-Pro safety who can be used as a jack of all trades type player but it doesn’t take away from the linebackers performance. Neville Hewitt lead the Jets in INTs with 2, and Burgess added another one. They only allowed 41.7 yards per game to opposing teams tight ends, and only 45.26 to opposing teams RBs. Now going into next year the Jets know that they have depth at the middle linebacker position and when Mosely comes back that spot should be a strength of the team. One of the Jets problems on defense is that they lack a true edge rusher and struggle to generate pressure without bringing blitzes. Jordan Jenkins is their best pass rushing linebacker but outside of him it’s a who’s who of nobody’s. Jenkins set a career high in sacks this season with 8 and if the Jets can get some help on the edge I think Jenkins could break double digits. Jenkins has an incredible motor and is never out of the play. He is strong against the run and his main flaw is his lack of athleticism. Still despite not being an elite athlete he has improved every year and deserves to be extended. Grade: B-


Going into the season there wasn’t a single Jets fan who didn’t think the Jets secondary was going to be a problem, specifically the CB position. Trumaine Johnson continued to be the worst free agent signing in history. Darryl Roberts has shown over the years that he is at best a CB4. Brian Poole was really the only bright spot early in the year. He did a good job in the slot and I think the Jets will look to bring him back in the off season. The Jets then worked in some younger players who all showed flashes of being starting caliber. Nate Harriston was good at times but was unable to sustain success. Journeyman Aurther Maulet showed an ability to help in run support and deserves to be brought back next year with the chance to fight for a starting role. Bless Austin looked very good before getting burned for a TD at the end of the half against Pittsburgh. He will likely man one of the starting corner roles as he enters the off season healthy. Maurice Canaday is in the same boat as Maulet, and he deserves to be brought back with the chance to fight for a starting role. Add in some draft picks, and the Jets should at least be league average at the corner position next year. Also if their pass rush can improve and generate pressure with 4 man rushes it will help the corners on the back end. The Jets safety duo showed that they are probably the top in the league. Marcus Maye, finally fully healthy again showed an ability playing the center field position. While Jamal Adams continues to be one of the top safety in the NFL. It’s tough to even call him the a safety when he does so much else. He is incredible around the line which is what he gets most credit for, and rightfully so, take a look at this Chris Wesseling tweet:

“Jets safety Jamal Adams entered the NFL in 2017. Among defensive backs THIS DECADE …

Only 10 have more TFLs (28)
Only 5 have more QB hits (23)
Only 1 has more sacks (12)”

What he doesn’t get enough credit for is his coverage and how sure of a tackler he is. Just because he doesn’t put up big pick numbers doesn’t mean he isn’t still elite in coverage. He allows less then 60% of passes thrown his way to be completed and allows just a 77.8 passer rating. He also has just a 3.8% missed tackle percentage. To put some context on that, of the safety’s who are in the top 60 in total tackles only Taylor Rapp has a better percentage. Also Jamal is tied for 2nd in the NFL with 2 defensive TDs. Jamal Adams was a big reason why the Jets defense was able to perform as well as it did. The Jets would be smart to lock Adams into a long term deal this off season. Grade: B

Overall: This season can be viewed as nothing other than a failure and it starts with Adam Gase. He is everything you want in a head coach with out the coaching ability. He falsely received the offensive genius moniker and has never lived up to his hype. Our only hope is that Darnold can develop in spite of Gase and lead the offense with one hand tied behind his back because of play calling. A good place to start would be this off season and an improved roster. Joe Douglas was the GM fans wanted because of his track record in Baltimore and Philly. If the defense can take a step next year and the offense can exit the gutter then we should see an improvement next year despite the tougher schedule. Now it’s every Jets fan’s favorite part of their years, Mock Draft Season. Grade: D-

-Big Dog


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