Super Bowl Extravaganza

Another football season is coming to an end with a game that will crown a new NFL Champion. The Super Bowl is always a bitter sweet affair especially for fans of teams who have been at home since December. My favorite part about the Super Bowl is that I use it as my personal new year. This is when I start my New Years resolutions, I take the Monday after off, and really get ready to better myself until next football season. It’s also one of the best gambling days of the year, along with the first two days of march madness and Christmas day basketball. The best aspect of betting during the Super Bowl is the prevalence of prop bets, because it allows people who don’t follow football at all to still get in on the action. You don’t need to know anything about the game of football to bet on a coin toss, or how long the national anthem is going to last or what the first song sung at halftime will be. As I’ve proven over the course of the year I’m a below average sports bettor, but maybe I’ll be better at randomly guessing and can make up some of the years losses on prop bets. The super bowl also allows new bettors to join the mix because many online sports books will want to offer the best incentives to try and attract new bettors. Last season $325 million was bet on the Super Bowl and I’m sure this years total will far surpass that. Alright enough chit chat lets make some predictions.

SF vs KC (-1.5) (O/U 54.5)

I figured I would start with the actual game and then put my prop bets underneath since I will have the most to say about the actual game. I have flipped who I think will win, no less than 20 times in my head. On the one hand I will be rooting for the Chiefs and I always like to have my bets on who I’m rooting for. However my brain is telling me the 49ers are going to win this one. They have an argument for the most consistently dominant team all season long. All 3 of their losses were by 1 score and 2 of them were only by a field goal. Their defense has been incredible all season long, ranking in the top 5 in points allowed, total sacks and defensive efficiency. The Chiefs in these playoffs have gotten behind by 3 scores in both their games. They were able to come back in part because the defenses they were playing were bottom half of the league. I think I am going to have to go with the 49ers here and I think I’m going to take them outright. They have been able to win games so many different ways this year and I think they find a way to win here. As much as I love Andy and will be rooting for him to win, my head is telling me to take San Fran. This is subject to change if Andy Reid coaches in a Hawaiian shirt. If that happens I am taking out a second mortgage on my home and putting it on the Chiefs.


Coin Toss: When it comes to the coin toss I live life by a simple motto, tails never fails. Tails -103

National Anthem Length: The over under for length of the national Anthem is set at 110.5 seconds. To me this is an easy over bet. If I know Demi Lovato like I think I do, she is going to do it big. She’s a show women and her performance will reflect that. Over 110.5 seconds.

Gatorade Shower: The odds on favorite for Gatorade shower is purple at -135. However in betting props you don’t want to bet the favorite, not when you have Blue sitting there at +500. Blue is by far the best flavor of Gatorade and at those odds it’s too good to pass on. Blue +500

Which Anheuser-Busch Brand Will Air First: To me the bet here has to be Bud Light/Seltzer. While the odds aren’t great at -150, I can’t see it being any other option. I mean there are bud light commercials every 10 minutes while watching regular TV, the Super Bowl just makes it all the more likely.

Which food brand commercial airs first?

The one I’m looking at gives you 4 options, Doritos at +110, Snickers at +130, Cheetos at +395 and Avacados from Mexico at + 610. I think your best money is on Cheetos. I can envision it now where they bring out Chester Cheeto early for a commercial. Plus at +395 you can’t beat those odds.

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