Rich Homie John Week 2

Well, week one was one to forget for the Jets. Here we are at week 2 and for the second consecutive game, the Jets will be a TD underdog. This time at home against the 49ers. Despite the 49ers missing their top three pass catchers from the Super Bowl in February, the roster is still substantially more talented than the Jets. And the chasm in coaching staffs is enormous. Kyle Shanahan is like a chess grandmaster while Adam Gase has a below .500 record playing chess in Yahoo chat rooms.

Mekhi Becton and the Jets OL will have their work cut out for them with this 49ers front seven. I do expect Becton to utterly degrade and humiliate Nick Bosa all afternoon but the rest of the OL is a question mark. I’d expect idiot Gase to call a lot of screen passes again this week in an attempt to mitigate the effects of the 49ers defensive front beating the Jets like a rented mule. These screen passes will now be thrown to a group of skill players featuring Braxton Berrios, Frank Gore, and Chris Hogan.

If the Jets don’t win or keep it respectable, the whole team will be quitting on the season before the end of September. This is another must win for the Jets. Everyone in the world is picking the 49ers -7, which means the correct side is Jets +7. The casinos in Vegas weren’t built on the strength of an informed gambling public.

Pick: Jets +7
Record: 0-1-0

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