Week 3 Thursday Night Football

That over Monday night is exactly what the doctor ordered to get me back on track. I just got back from a 5 and a half hour drive so I don’t have much on this game besides the fact that I love the over. The Jags have an atrocious defense. I mean they make the Jets defense look competent. Then on the other side of the ball they have Gardener Minshew who is an electric factory. What I wouldn’t give to have him instead of that busy Sam Darnold. I mean could you imagine that moustache in New York?

The Dolphins also stink and for some unexplainable reason keep sending Fitzpatrick out there to lose them games. I have to think Tau is still hurt or else it makes zero sense to not play him. But even so Fitzmagic can get the Dolphins enough for this game to go over easy.

Pick: Over 49.5

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