Rich Homie John Week 3

All right, the third week in a row the Jets are at least a full TD underdog. This is approaching 2017 Cleveland Browns or 2008 Detroit Lions levels of ineptitude. Jets getting 11.5 against a mediocre-at-best Indianapolis Colts squad is a low point for this franchise.

Not much to say here. We know what we’re getting with Adam Gase. An unproductive offense, a lot of punts, and a lot of post-game excuses. It makes sense for the Jets to be this kind of underdog. Does the team have any fight in it to try and save Gase’s job? I suspect it does not. I refuse to believe that any player in that locker room respects or enjoys the company of Adam Gase. After we’ve been calling for Gase’s head on a platter since week 2 of last year, we may have the light at the end of the tunnel. Rumors are swirling that Gase will be fired after the Thursday night game unless there is a dramatic turnaround. I do not anticipate a dead cat bounce. This husk of a team will not get up for the game today. We are taking the Under 44 with the expectation that the Jets will score 13 points at most.

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