Monday Night Football Week 3

After putting together a winning Sunday I am ready to build on that with a Monday Night winner. I already did my bitching about the Jets last night so we will get right to the game.

I don’t have the actual figures but if I had to guess 100% of bets that have been placed have come in on the over. I don’t know if there is a total high enough that would cause me to debate betting anything but the over. I will say that watching Lamar Jackson and Mahomes light it up will be rubbing salt in the wound for Jets fans. Watching two young quarterbacks surrounded by talented rosters and great head coaches really showcases how big of failures the Jets are. Watching Lamar hurts me most of all. I loved Lamar in college and would have done anything for him to end up a Jet. He probably would have been a bust on the Jets but at least he would be fun to watch.

Like I said I along with everyone in america loves the over, especially sitting at 54.5. If your bookie allows you to adjust the line for better odds I would go all the way up to 59.5 and still feel comfortable with that total. If your bookie doesn’t then just get it at 54.5 and enjoy a good old fashioned Monday night football shoot out.

-Big Dog

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