State of the Jets

To start the year I really thought that all the Jets needed to do was get rid of Gase and that would solve a majority of their problems. However through 3 games it’s abundantly clear that their problems run much deeper than the head coach. Lets ignore the Johnson’s for now because it is no secret that they are top 5 worst owners in all of professional sports. Instead I want to focus on the coaching staff and Joe Douglas. Starting with Joe Douglas; I think that he skates by because of how incompetent Adam Gase is. Now he gets a little bit of slack because he came on board after the draft last year but since then he hasn’t done anything that should give the fan base faith in him. His first move was to bring Ryan Kahlil out of retirement, which many thought to be a low risk high reward move, however it turned into a disaster. Kahlil was the worst linemen the Jets put on the field last year and promptly ended up on the IR around halfway through the season. That’s fine though we all knew that the Jets just needed to build their team through the draft and while it’s only been 1 year drafting for Douglas the results aren’t very promising. The only players who have gotten significant playing time from his first class are Betchon and Mann. Not great considering they had 9 draft picks. Douglas has gone bargain hunting in free agency, only signing players to de-facto one year deals. He let the Jets best receiver go in Robby Anderson and tried to replace him with Periman. The offensive linemen he signed in free agency have never shown an ability to be anything more than mediocre. He completely ignored the corner back position, again signing players who have underperformed their whole careers and not addressing the position in the draft with anyone who can contribute this year. If the Jets want to tank this year that’s fine I just think we should all be on the same page. Douglas did get a kings ransom for Jamal so I am still optimistic that he can build a solid roster given a few drafts and the chance to pick his own coaching staff.

Now onto said coaching staff. There isn’t much I can say about Gase that hasn’t already been said. He is without a doubt the worst coach in the NFL and regardless of what he does moving forward that will still be the case. Adam Gase’s incompetence isn’t about one game it is about his track record. He lead the Jets to the worst offense in the NFL last year and he is on pace to do the same again this year. When watching the Jets I think it is important to realize that two things are true at the same time. Adam Gase is the worst coach in the NFL and the Jets have the worst constructed roster in the NFL. Every team in the NFL deals with injury but somehow the Jets are the only team who is unable to overcome those injuries to even make their games competitive. That is what is so disappointing about watching this team, their games aren’t even competitive. That also goes back to Gregg Williams who has put out the worst defensive unit in all of football. The Jets have given up at least 30 points in every game this year. And some of that is tied into the offense being so inept but Greg Williams shoulders some of the blame too.

So where do we go from here. Well it’s simple, fire Adam Gase and promote Brant Boyer to HC. Keep Gregg Williams and promote Jim Bob Cooter to interim offensive coordinator. This should be done today, it doesn’t matter that it is a short week. It’s like taking off a band aide, the Jets just need to get it over with. Then for the rest of the year you can evaluate Darnold and see what you have. If you get the first pick, you take Lawrence. If you are in the top 5 you try to trade to 1 and take Lawrence. If you are in the top 10 you draft one of the many positions of need and bring someone in to compete with Darnold. Darnold has shown such incredible flashes that make you think he can be a franchise QB but he is just way too inconsistent to allow those thoughts to stay for too long. I truly do think that on another team he will be able to flourish like so many other players after they get out from Adam Gase but I think that his time in NY is limited. The Jets have never done a good enough job by Sam Darnold and that can be seen by some of the receivers they trot out for him. Take today, their only active receivers were Chris Hogan, Braxton Berrios, Josh Malone and Lawrence Cager. Their running backs were Frank Gore, Kallen Ballage and La’Michael Perrine. Couple that with the fact that Darnold is playing with the worst play caller in the NFL make me truly feel sorry for him. However Darnold wasn’t drafted by the current GM, and when they bring in a new coach he will want to get his own QB.

I’m hoping the Jets realize their mistakes and fire Gase tomorrow but if not then hopefully we can get rid of him regardless of what happens in the Denver game. I doubt any of this will happen but I can wish. Until then I will keep putting on my clown make up and watching every minute of Jets football knowing that they will continue to be the bottom dwellers of the NFL as long as Adam Gase is allowed to roam the sidelines.

-A sad Big Dog

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