Rich Homie John Week 3

We have reached the dreaded Primetime game on the Jets schedule. You remember the hits from last year, which included Myle Garrett snapping Trevor Simian’s leg like a chop stick, Sam Darnold seeing ghosts, and the Ravens kicking the shit out of the Jets on Thursday night football. I was on my honeymoon in Hawaii for the Ravens game, and I bellied up at the poolside bar at 2:00pm to watch the Jets roll over and die. Fortunately, the friendly bartender could sense my despair and was force feeding me Mai Tais so I do not recall the second half. Of course, I regret spending several hours watching the Jets during what will likely be my only trip to Hawaii in my life. Life of a Jets fan is unpleasant.

So, we have seen simply deplorable football in Primetime under Adam Gase. What would make this week different? There is a good possibility that this game tonight becomes even more of a disaster than the Presidential debate from two days ago. And I cannot wait to watch. I am really optimistic that this will be the last game of the Adam Gase regime. He is a dead man walking. The Jets are wearing their all black uniforms, which is fitting of a wake. If he is not fired after this game, there will be a mutiny among the fans. I do appreciate Phil Murphy saving me the money from season tickets this year, but I do regret that I am unable to attend this game in person and just mercilessly boo Adam Gase and this pathetic team he is ostensibly leading.

The game itself absolutely sucks. There has to be something better you can watch. These are without a doubt the two worst teams in the NFL. Brett Rypien will be making his first career start for the Broncos. He was a four-year starter at Boise State and had a fair amount of success while there. I don’t think he’s as much of a disaster as some of the media is portraying. He’s played in plenty of nationally televised games, and this iteration of the Jets is not nearly as intimidating as BYU. The stage tonight will not phase Rypien.

It should be noted that Pat Shurmur is the OC for Denver. They have not been good this year, but there is no better way to ‘get right’ than to square off against a defense led by Gregg Williams. Over the past six years, Shurmur has faced Gregg Williams three different times as either HC or OC. And he kicked the piss out of Williams’ defense each time. His offense has scored 27, 33, and 27 points against GW’s defense in the three matchups. A rookie QB will not hinder this offense. I hated the Gregg Williams hire last year, but was pleasantly surprised with the results in 2019. The defense was not as bad as I thought. This year, we are seeing the real Gregg Williams. Blown assignments, horrible scheme, always failing to set the edge, the whole enchilada. It makes me sick.

We’re going to make more than one pick tonight. The Jets defense does not recognize the TE as an eligible receiver, so you will get a ton of looks for Noah Fant tonight. Especially with a young QB looking for a security blanket. We’ll take Over 46.5 yards for Noah Fant tonight. Second, the Jets are an absolute abomination on offense and despite the lack of bodies for the Broncos, I don’t envision the Jets reliably moving the ball. The Jets team total is set at 21 which seems like an insurmountable figure. Take the Under 21 Jets Team Total. Finally, we will take the Broncos outright. I need the Broncos to fundamentally dominate this game and clear my Jets viewing experience of the Adam Gase plague. He should have never been hired, should have been fired after week 2 last year when he didn’t challenge the Robby Anderson PI in the endzone, and should have definitely been fired this past offseason. I need to see the Jets humiliated tonight. Make it happen, Broncos.

Picks:Noah Fant Over 46.5 Yards Receiving
Jets Team Total – Under 21 points
Broncos to Win (pk)

Record: 1-2-0

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