Rich Homie John Week 5

Here we are in week five of the totally normal 2020 NFL season. Fortunately, the Jets avoided a virus outbreak and will play the game today as scheduled. The perfectly mediocre 2-2 Arizona Cardinals come to town today. The Cardinals will have the four best players in the game today, which does not bode well for the Jets. Meanwhile, the Jets will have a Super Bowl MVP under center for the first time since Joe Namath. Will Joe Flacco become the new Broadway Joe? You would have to say yes.

DeAndre Hopkins might have 20 catches today. The Jets will have to quadruple cover him to have any chance to slow him down. Kliff Kingsbury and his offense is going to make Gregg Williams and the Jets defense look like a junior varsity squad. Now, the Cardinals defense is also horrible. However, they have the benefit of going against a fetid backwater Jets offense that has scored a grand total of five offensive touchdowns in four games; that number drops to three when you exclude garbage time. It is difficult to envision this offense becoming more dynamic with Joe Flacco playing QB this week. In Sam Darnold’s career, the Jets are 0-6 when Darnold is not the starting QB. I expect that to move to 0-7 and the Jets to fall to 0-5 on the 2020 season. Trevor Lawrence looked pretty good last night, heh?

Pick: Cardinals -7
Record: 2-4

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