Week 5 MNF

Well week 5 did not go as planned, finishing 2-4 on the day. However, that Seattle game should have gone over, and I did not take into account the Panthers and Falcons both scoring 0 in the second half of their game. That’s alright though, we reset and get ready for some MNF. We have the Saints at home taking on the Chargers. I honestly don’t remember the last time the Saints were on the road for a MNF game. They play at least one Monday night a year and it seems to be in New Orleans every year. I thought we were gonna see Michael Thomas here but he decided he would rather punch his teammate in the face than play football. On the other side you have the Chargers and Herbert who has been eclectic since entering the line up. I did not like Herbert coming into the draft but he is proving that he might be just clueless enough to succeed. He is basically the polar opposite of Tyrod, which is making this Chargers team fun to watch. I’ve decided to go with a teaser tonight because I had so much success on Thursday night with that. I am teasing the Saints and the Over, 7 points. This brings the over down to 43.5 which should hit easy and then it also puts the Saints at +.5. The Saints have had their struggles this year but I don’t see them losing to the Chargers but I also can’t see them covering a TD spread. Play this tease for -107 and enjoy a nice win. Also I’m very excited for some Tuesday night football tomorrow. I hope by the end of the season we just have 3 games every day during the week.

Pick: Tease NO +.5 Over 43.5

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