Monday Night Football Double HEader

I have been bad the past two weeks no other way to put it. I hope everyone reading has been fading me and making endless amounts of money while I am taking out second and third mortgages on my home. However I have just what the doctor ordered to get back to my winning ways, a Monday Night Double header with two matchups to actually be excited about. It’s the perfect palate cleanser after watching the Jets Dolphins. Alright lets make some picks.

KC @ BUFF (+5)

I think I might be addicted to teasers. I don’t know what it is about them but I just love them so much. Even when I love a line or total I still have this deep desire to put them into a teaser. Take this game for example. I love the Chiefs here, the Bills looked like dog shit last week on defense. I mean they couldn’t contain Ryan Tannehill in the pocket and their secondary did nothing to slow down the Titians receivers. The Bills line was unable to generate any pressure and I saw nothing last week that would lead me to believe they can slow down Kansas City. On offense the Bills looked horrible against the Titians. I expect Josh Allen and their offense to have a bounce back which also makes me like the over in this one. I think the Over is a good bet and I think KC to cover is also a good bet. This is the thinking that leads me to bet teaser after teaser. I don’t care, and I won’t apologize, teasers are a delightful bet and I will continue betting them until I lose everything and am homeless on the streets.

Pick: Tease KC and the Over (+2.5 Over 51)

ARI @ DAL (-1)

How is Andy Dalton a favorite in this game? How is the total only 56 with this Cowboys defense and the Cardinals without Chandler Jones? How did the Jets hire Adam Gase over Kliff Kingsbury? I don’t have a good answer to any of these questions and because of that I am teasing the Cardinals and the Over. A 6 point tease here puts the odds at +108. Kylar Murray has never lost at AT&T stadium and the Cowboys hemorrhage points.

Pick: Tease ARI and Over (ARI+7 Over 49)

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