Week 7 TNF

I hope my readers were fading me last week, because I put up a pitiful performance. Just absolutely dog shit. I took a long hard look in the mirror and came to a realization. Teasers aren’t the automatic winner that I originally thought they were. After winning a few in a row I caught myself wondering why people don’t just always bet teasers, you can’t lose when betting teasers. Now after 4 straight losses I know I have to quit. Without teasers to fall back on I had to get back into the lab. For this game I have poured over the film (played madden) and the numbers (scrolled twitter). In doing so I came to the conclusion that the only worthwhile bet tonight is on the Eagles. The Eagles opened as 6.5 favorites and are now down to just 4.5 point favorites. Carson Wentz is 4-0 ATS on Thursday nights. The Eagles are 6-0 when wearing all black, and Doug Pederson 5-0 ATS on Thursday night games. On the other side Joe Judge has never covered a Thursday night game. Another important thing to remember in this one is that the Giants suck ass. The Eagles beat the 49ers 3 weeks ago and were within a 2 point conversion of taking the Ravens to overtime. Yes the Eagles have been bad this year but the Giants have been much worse. Take the Eagles here and let’s get a win moving into the weekend.

Pick: PHL -4.5

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