Rich Homie John Week 14

After Henry Ruggs and Gregg Williams saved the season last week, the Jets continue the campaign today as +16-point underdogs in Seattle. I’m surprised it’s not at 17 point to make it a clean three-score spread.

The Jets D-line was Gregg Williams domain. They loved him for some reason. Despite all available evidence over Williams’ 30+ year coaching career pointing towards him being a mediocre-at-best DC, the Jets front office insisted on saddling its HC hire in 2019 with Williams at DC. It’s one of the primary reasons that Adam Gase was ultimately the HC. Because Gase was the only candidate that was desperate/dumb enough to consent to having Gregg forced upon him. The arranged marriage predictably ended in disaster last week, as Gregg called a Cover-zero blitz when a prevent defense would have been more appropriate. Personally, I exulted with joy when Ruggs caught the Carr deep ball in stride and kept the Jets in the driver’s seat for Trevor Lawrence. It was the most exciting play for Jets fans since Eric Decker caught the game-winning TD in OT in 2015 against the Patriots.

Anyways, this game is meaningless. The Jets will get annihilated, and Jamal Adams will puff his chest after he makes a sack to set the record for DBs. The only thing I want to see in this game – my sincere hope – is that Mt. Becton pancakes Jamal Adams a dozen times. If I were Gase and I knew I was coaching one of my final four games in the NFL, I would specifically design my offense to create one-on-one blocking opportunities for Becton to get his hands on Adams.

The Jets are missing Mims, Ashtyn Davis, and Frank Gore is expected back. Without Gore last week, the Jets rushing offense looked downright competent. Expect Gase to force-feed Gore this week and the rushing attack will go back to being stagnant. Let’s go ahead and take the under here. Adam Gase’s first career game as an HC was against Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks. In that game, offensive guru Gase was able to gain 11 first downs and 214 total yards. His offense was 3-13 on third downs that day. Five seasons later, nearly nothing has changed – Gase’s offense is still awful. This ought to be something like a 31 – 10 Seahawks victory.

Pick: Under 49
Big Hank’s long-shot of the week: First TD – Jacob Hollister, +2200

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