Super Bowl 55

Before we all eat ourselves into comas and consume some cervezas let’s place some wagers on the Super Bowl to finish off another season of football. When betting the Super Bowl you wanna live in the props, you want to have money every which way so basically no matter what happens you have a winner. Here are a few of my favorites for tonight:

Coin Toss: This is an obvious one. Tails literally never fails. You CANNOT bet anything but Tails on the Super Bowl coin toss. This is also a good one to get the feet wet because once it wins, you take those winnings and place some live bets.

Pick: Tails -103

Any Ruling On the Field to Be Overturned by a Coaches Challenge: You have refs who will be nervous and likely miss something on the field. Bruce Arians loves to throw challenge flags, only 3 coaches in the NFL challenged more than him. Andy Reid only challenged once, and was 1/1. With yes at +115 it’s a no brainer. Also give you a good chance to yell at the refs.

Pick: Yes +115

Any Offensive or Defensive Lineman to score a TD: There has been a lot of talk this week about the banged up Chiefs offensive line. Andy Reid is gonna get a line men a TD as a big middle finger to America for doubting him and Mahomes.

Pick: Yes +8000

It’s always nice to sprinkle in some easy winners too so here are some of those to make sure your not only betting long shots.

Pick: MVP to quarterback -335

Playoff Lenny +125 to score a TD

Brady Over 295.5 Yards -118

Then the last bets you want to make is on the game, betting both spread and total. The Chiefs have been the favorites all year and have been the best team all year. Sure they didn’t cover the spread much in the regular season but at -3 it’s too good to pass on. Also I can’t see Brady win another super bowl. I am tired to seeing Brady’s dumb face and I need him to just retire already. Last bet is on the over. Last time these teams met Tyreek Hill put up 200 yards in one quarter. The Chiefs let the Bucs back into the game late but still won by 3 and the total was 51. I think the Chiefs keep their foot on the gas in this game and the Bucs have enough offensive weapons to hit the 56 total.

Picks: Over 56, KC -3

Alright that’s it for me, it’s been another good season filled with some winners but mostly losers. Let’s enjoy the super bowl and get ready for the Jets time to shine in the real season, the off season.

-Big Dog

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