NFL Football is Back

The title says it all, we have our first NFL action since last February. Not only do we have our first NFL action in what feels like an eternity we have our first NFL action with crowds at full capacity in two years. Last year just didn’t have the same NFL feel that I’ve grown a custom to. I’m not sure if it was the lack of fans or the fact that the jet season was over after week one but it just didn’t feel right. Now after a full summer of preseason and training camp and with a 17 game schedule ahead of us I couldn’t be more excited. Also the fact that the Jets are actually looking to be headed in the right direction for the first time in three years helps. We will break down the upcoming Jets season tomorrow and talk about how we are betting their win totals and player season props. Spoiler alert we love the overs on almost every Jets future. But lets get to the matter at hand, the Bucs taking on the Cowboys.

I think the NFL was hoping that the Cowboys being featured on Hard Knocks would build up the anticipation of this game but I think it had the opposite affect. Hard Knocks hasn’t had a good season since sexy Rexy and the Jets were on it, and this year was no different. The Bucs come into this game looking to repeat as Super Bowl champs, something no team has done in nearly 2 decades. Somehow the last quarterback to repeat as Super Bowl Champion is also the quarterback of the Bucs. Every year I predict that this will be the year that Brady hits the dreaded QB wall and he becomes a shell of his former self. Every year I am wrong and sad. I think now that he is out of the AFC East I am going to go the other direction. I think Brady will play another 10 years just to show everyone the Patriots made the wrong move letting him walk. While I do hate Brady it does bring me joy knowing that Belichick was so wrong about him being over the hill. Everyone viewed Belichick as this cutthroat talent evaluator who always knew when to cut someone loose but as long as Brady keeps performing in Tampa that narrative will get more holes poked in it. So while I hate both Brady and Belichick, I hate Belichick a lot more and want Brady to show he was carrying him all those years and Belichick is just a lucky piece of shit and not some football god.

The Bucs return basically their entire roster which is why they are currently 9 point favorites. While I do think 9 is a lot to be giving in week 1 I still like the Bucs here because we don’t know what we will see from Dak. Any time your team doctors are consulting an entirely different sports doctors it’s usually not a good sign. Add onto that the fact this is his first game action since snapping his ankle like a twig does not have me feeling optimistic about the Cowboys chances. To add to the uncertainty that is Dak’s health the Cowboys will also be without Zach Martin. We saw what the Bucs front was able to do again the Chiefs last year in the Super Bowl and I expect a similar performance here. Lets take the Bucs -9 here and get into the weekend 1-0 and ready to roll.

Pick: Bucs -9

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