Monday Night Football Week 2

It’s unfortunate but the Jets drafted yet another bust at quarterback. No other player in NFL history has had a game that bad and time for them to start scouting for next season. I’ve heard Sam Howell from UNC is supposed to go early in the draft maybe Jets should target him. Now I’m obviously joking but if you were on Twitter you learned that Zach Wilson is the only quarterback in NFL history to have a shitty game. Doesn’t matter it is his second career game, and going up against Belichick who has a history of beating rookie quarterbacks. Nope none of that matters it’s still the same old Jets and Wilson will never be good. Now during the game yesterday I obviously was looking for some historically bad games from good quarterbacks to make me feel better. A quick easy one is looking how last years rookie of the year Justin Herbert did against the Patriots. He put up 209 yards, on 56 attempts, and 2 picks for a 43.7 rating. Peyton Manning started his career with 3 touchdowns to 11 interceptions. Aaron Rodgers last week had a 36.8 rating just last week. Peyton Manning once threw 6 picks in a game. Russel Wilson had a 5 interception performance in 2016. Brady has thrown 4 picks on 6 different occasions. Now none of this is to try and absolve Wilson of the blame he is getting. He single handily lost the Jets the game. It’s just to try and point out that it was just that a bad game, not an indication of how his career will go or even how the rest of this season will go. It’s not him having “Ryan Leaf vibes” like some moron on Twitter tried to claim, it’s just one bad game.

Anyway we are taking the over 49. The Lions will basically be passing fall game and trying to play keep up and the Packers might break 50 on their own.

Pick: Over 49

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