Thursday Night Football Week 3

I’m 0-2 when betting against the Panthers and I have one of three choices to make. I either continue to bet against them and hope Sam Darnold starts playing like he has the past 3 years. Option two, I could go the other direction and bet every week on Sam Darnold and the Panthers and hope their defense continues to dominate and Joe Brady continues to give Sam Darnold the same reads you give to a high school quarterback. Or I could go option 3 and start betting their unders, which are 2-0 on the season. I think given the fact that Davis Mills is starting for the Texans option 3 is the safest bet. Darnold won’t put up over 30, and really it won’t matter because I don’t see the Texans breaking double digits. We’ll also give out a same game parlay that is absolutely going to hit. First CMC over 83.5 rushing yards. The Browns were able to tear about the Texans last week I expect Joe Brady to force feed CMC on the ground. Next leg is Davis Mills under 1.5 TDs. Pretty easy one here, we are expecting an under and the Texans to go under 10 points. Next leg, Sam Darnold under 264.5 passing yards. If CMC is dominating in the ground, Darnold will stay under this passing yards amount. Last leg, DJ Moor to be an any time TD scorer. Darnold loves feeding Moore and he gets involved in the run game. +1100 for basically a sure thing, can’t beat that.

Let’s make some money and enjoy some Davis Mills vs Sam Darnold!

-Big Dog

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