Rich Homie John Week 3

Well, it didn’t take long for the optimism in the 2021 Jets to become grounded in reality. The Jets will find themselves in a familiar position this afternoon, as double-digit underdogs. We have picked the Jets both weeks and they have failed to cover the spread each week. The Jets identity this season seems to be a solid defense with no offense to speak of. This is a familiar identity for the Jets, however it is one that does not win many football games in the modern NFL.

In order to keep this one close, Zach Wilson needs to rebound from his disastrous home debut last week where he threw four abhorrent INTs. You may be asking, RHJ, did you boo Zach Wilson last week? Of course I did; just as I boo’d Sam Darnold before him and Ryan Fitzpatrick before him. Don’t ruin my Sunday afternoon with four interceptions and I won’t boo you. Maybe mix in a TD here and there. This isn’t difficult. My expectations are so incredibly low and yet they have still failed to meet them.

Now to the week three matchup. It is frankly unfair to make the Jets face two opposing QBs in revenge game situations in the first three weeks. Perhaps this is a symptom of the Jets cycling through a litany of QBs over the years. Teddy Bridgewater should have been the starting QB for the Jets in 2018 but they handed the job to Sam Darnold instead. Bridgewater and the Broncos have seemingly been playing well but it’s difficult to know how good they really are since they have only beaten two of the worst teams in the league. Does this team really deserve to be laying double digits? I posit to you, dear reader, that the Broncos do not deserve that type of respect. Remember, Zach Wilson is from Utah. This is basically a homecoming. He’s accustomed to the thin air. We’ll utilize a Martingale system of sorts and pick the Jets +10.

Pick: Jets + 10
Big Hank’s long-shot of the week: Alternate line Jets +3.5 at +225

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