Week 4 Thursday Night Football

We are coming into Thursday Night riding high off a 5-1 week 3. Last Thursday we called that game to a T, even predicting the Texans inability to reach double digit points. We are also entering tonight on a 2 game teaser winning streak. After winning two teasers in a row I think I am all the way back in on them. I don’t know how they can ever lose, you are getting 6-7 points to make the perfect bet.

This Thursday we have the last two number 1 picks facing off against each other. The Bengals are riding high after a dominating win in Pittsburgh and the Jags are looking to avoid an 0-4 start. If the Jags lose tonight it will make it 19 straight loses for them, dating back to last year. Lawrence comes into this game tied for the league lead in picks and doesn’t look like he wants to stop throwing picks any time soon. As a Jets fan it does make me feel better that every rookie quarterback is getting their dicks kicked in this season and it’s not just Zach Wilson. So far on the year rookie quarterbacks are 1-9 in games that they have started.

If the Jags were to get their first win this would be the best spot to do it. Having said all that I still don’t think they can get it done. The Bengals are the better team right now, and have the better quarterback. Besides his 3 consecutive picks against the Bears, Burrow has looked good, and it helps having Jamar Chase catching 9 route touchdowns every game. While the Bengals offense is a joy to watch I am not sold on their defense. I am also very much not sold on the Jags defense. Taking all this into account the only bet that makes sense, is a Teaser with the Bengals and the Over.

Pick: CIN -1.5, Over 40

I mean seriously how does that bet lose. The Bengals are gonna put up 30 on their own tonight.

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