Week 4 Monday Night Football

It feels good to write one of these after a Jets win. It took them 69 minutes of game time to get it done but they got their first win. Thank god for Randy Bullock because that game looked to be on a crash course for a tie. I still don’t get what Mike Vrabel was doing on that last drive. He was genuinely playing for a field goal and a tie. That is such a loser move when you came into the game as 6.5 point favorites on the road.

Quick recap of the game from the inside the stadium perspective:

  • Zach Wilson is absolutely electric. When he rolled out and waved for Corey Davis to go deep there wasn’t a flaccid dong in the stadium.
  • The Jets defensive line absolutely manhandled the Titians all game. John Franklin Meyers is Shaun Ellis 2.0 and Foley gives off big daddy Kris Jenkins vibes.
  • Matt Ammendola might not allow a kick off return all year. It’s nice to have an absolute beef cake at kicker after dealing with big nose Ficken the last few years.
  • Quincy Williams refusing to look for the ball in the air and only focusing on laying a huge hit is hilarious. There were two plays watching back that if he was looking would have been easy picks.
  • The lack of Denzel Mims fade routes was criminal. The Jets threw a goal line fade to Ryan Griffin instead of Mims. LeFlaurs fascination with the 2 TE sets is infuriating.
  • The Jets had approximately 40 quarterback pressures against the Titians and not a single one came from Nathan Shepard. I have never seen someone get stood up so easily from the defensive line position. Its’ truly amazing how bad he is.

That should do it for the post game thoughts. I think now that they have a win I need to get back into the All-22. Anyways lets tease the Chargers and the Over tonight. I’m still not sold on the Raiders and a 6 point tease puts the Chargers at +3, and the total at 46.

Pick: Tease LAC +3, Over 46

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