Week 5 Monday Night

I’m still down bad from the Jets game. They have 0 total first quarter points this season. They are being out scored in the first half by 75-13. Zach Wilson can’t make easy throws, and the defense has 0 picks. Now I have to wait two weeks to watch them play again and when they do come back it’s agains the Patriots a team Wilson threw 4 picks against 3 weeks ago. LaFlaurs insistence on running multiple TE packages is absolutely infuriating. Ryan Griffin played 91% of the offense snaps on Sunday. How the hell are the Jets expected to win with Ryan Griffin playing more than their past 2 second round picks combined. They should be a strictly 11 personal team and Mims and Moore should each be getting 8 targets a game. Then defensively, if I have to watch Nathan Shepard trot onto the field one more time I might explode. Shepard has two plays in his bag of moves, the get blown 5 yards off the ball play or the get a penalty play. Why Shepard is playing instead of literally anyone else is baffling. Jets better get it figured out during their bye because this was not the team I was promised all off season. I don’t care if they are bad at least be the fun competitive type of bad. And for the love of god Zach Wilson stop throwing som many god damn picks. His picks aren’t even fun, they are just legitimately bad throws.

Anyway the play tonight is Ravens -7. The Colts stink and while the Ravens might also stink at least they have Lamar as opposed to Carson Wentz.

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