Week 7 Winners

Now I don’t mean to keep harping on Pittsburgh at the beginning of each of my posts. But it’s tough not to after they put an ass whooping on Clemson yesterday. Kenny Pickett it is looking like the best quarterback in college football. Their defense is actually looking like what Nardozzi has promised since he’s come to Pittsburgh. And the running game is starting to come together. if they can clean up the phantom penalties this team should be favored in every game for the rest of the season. I said on Thursday that if they were to win yesterday that I would be in a playoff or bust mindset. Right now according to FPI Pitt has the sixth best chance to make it into the college football playoff. I think the biggest issue they will run into is the fact that it is a down year in the ACC. The teams in the coastal which came in ranked in the top 25 have all basically sucked ass all year. Pitts best chance after that terrible let down against western Michigan is for absolute chaos. As I run through the scenarios in my head it all is pretty far-fetched, but a boy can dream. Anyways, enough about Pitt and how sick they are, the Jets are back today and ready to ruin another fine fall Sunday. Let’s pick some winners to help soften the blow of a potential Jets loss.

ATL (-1.5) @ MIA

This is the ultimate disparity of rest. The Falcons coming off a bye and the Dolphins are coming off their London game. I thought every team that played in London always had a bye the following week. I will say even if their wasn’t the rest disparity I would still love the Falcons here. Tua is an exceptionally bad NFL quarterback. There is a reason that every week there are reports that the Dolphins are getting ready to finalize a deal for the Desean Watson. The fact the dolphins would rather have a serial sexual predator then Tua tells you everything you need to know about who to put your money on. Give me the Falcons at -1 1/2, I took him at -2 1/2 earlier in the week. I don’t care what the line is I’m hammering the Falcons here because they are going to blow out the dolphins.

The Big Dog Teaser

So I know I’ve been doing a heavy favorite teaser every week now. But during the taping of my podcast with Endres, I realized that there is a much better teaser for this blog. And that is the big dog NFL Teaser. Where I take the weeks biggest underdogs give them six points and ride. This weeks big dog Teaser has six teams in it. We have the Jets, Lions, Texans, Football Team, Bengals, and the Bears. This takes all the spreads to +12 1/2 or above. We just need these six teams to stay relatively competitive and we will hit a +785 teaser. Nothing better then rooting for a Big Dog.

PHL @ LV (-1.5)

Last week I bet against the Raiders because I thought they were going to come out flat after Jon Gruden was fired. Little did I know that all the Raiders were probably very relieved to have that shit bag out of the organization. This week we are going to ride the interim coach at -1 1/2. Raiders at home should not only be getting one and a half points against this Philadelphia eagles team. last week against the Bucs the Eagles best play was the 40 yard pass interference. This helped them on their two scoring drives and allowed them to keep the game relatively competitive. Now don’t give me wrong this can be a successful offense. Joe Flacco and the ravens used this play to perfection to great success throughout his tenure in Baltimore. However it is an easy offense to stop where all you have to do is not commit the backbreaking penalty. I think the Raiders will be able to avoid doing this and in doing so will be able to cover the one and a half point spread.

IND @ SF (O/U 42.5)

PU who the hell wants to watch Carson Wentz Jimmy Garoppolo on Sunday night football. The 49ers look far removed from the team that went to the Super Bowl two years ago. The running game is not what it used to be due to a litany of reasons. Jimmy Garoppolo has been unable to stay healthy and when healthy has played uninspiring football. Trey Lance who I thought was going to be able to ignite some sort of spark in this 49ers offense came in and played like dog shit. The Colts on the other hand who many thought would look good given their defensive success last year and Carson Wentz being reunited with his quarterback coach have been a great disappointment this season. The Colts might have turned a corner but probably not and it doesn’t help that they will be playing in a monsoon today. I’m rolling with the Under 42.5.

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