Week 7 MNF

What an absolute kick in the dick that Jets Pats game was. The only thing giving me some relief is the fact that there were blowouts all across the league. However no one knows how to get blown out quite like the Jets. Losing their starting rookie quarterback, losing three linebackers during the course of the game, and giving up a 50 burger to the Patriots. It was truly one of the worst games I can ever remember. When Robert Salah was hired I was promised competitive football. What we have seen so far has looked exactly like it has over the past few years. A team that is outmatched talent wise and outmatched from a coaching perspective. But the Jets do have some electric reinforcements coming in. Joe Flacco is on his way back. Now granted last year he was 0-4 as a starter and only played one actually good game. But at least it gives me some hope that I might run the deep bomb pass interference play.

As if yesterday didn’t suck enough we now are treated to Jameis versus Geno Smith on Monday night prime time. As a Jets fan I only have one routing interest this year at this point and that is for the Seahawks to be equally as shitty as the Jets so they can get to top 10 draft picks. With that in mind we will be betting Saints -5.5 against the Seahawks. I expect Geno Smith to turn the ball over at least once maybe twice and the Saints to pound the ball down the Seahawks throat. Alvin Kamara likely will have 1-2 tuddys and Jamie’s/Taysom Hill will be adding another. Give me a saint -5.5.

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