Week 8 Thursday Night Football

We have what should be the best Thursday night matchup of the season. We have the undefeated Cardinals at home against the one loss Packers. The Packers are without their two top receiving options which does dampen the game a bit but it should still be at least the best quarterback matchup we have seen in prime time so far this year. Every week I am waiting for the other shoe to drop with the Cardinals. But at this point it just might have not happen. The Cardinals just might be a legitimately good football team. Kyler Murray is playing at an MVP level. Their defense is good. And Kliff Kingsberry is finally starting to show signs of being a good head football coach. With all of that said it still makes me weary of betting on the Cardinals. Because I still can’t kick the fact that Kingsberry has never finished a season with a winning record. I think the only bet I feel comfortable making tonight is to take the over 50 1/2 points. Regardless of who’s playing wide receiver Aaron Rodgers will find a way to put up points. And I don’t think the Packers defense will be able to slow down the Cardinals offense. Give me the over and let’s just root for an absolute shoot out on this fine Thursday night.

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