Week 13 Monday Night Football

Tonight we have a AFC East Matchup on Monday Night Football that will likely determine the outcome of the division. We have the Patriots and multiple time drunk driver Mac Jones coming to Buffalo. The reports from the stadium are that the wind will play a large factor in this game tonight with reports that gusts could be up to 60 MPH. Now normally this type of weather would benefits the team that can run the ball and control the line of scrimmage which in most games the Patriots are able to do. However Buffalo is one of the best teams in the league at defending the run. They are one of 4 teams who is surrendering under 4 yards per carry and have allowed the 6th fewest yards per game. I expect the Bills to sell out to stop the Patriots running game and put the ball in Mac Jones hands. Mac Jones is from Florida, played college in Alabama and likely has never played a football game in these sorts of conditions. I expect Mac Jones to struggle in this game and as long as Buffalo can avoid turning the ball over they should win by 7+. While everyone is ready to crown the Patriots as back because they won a few games in a row if you look back at their winning streak it’s been done against suspect opponents. In fact the Jets have the same number of wins against teams above .500 as the Patriots do, and at least the Jets win over Tennessee was when Derick Henry was still playing. In fact I am feeling so good about the Bills tonight I am taking an alternate line of -5.5. I think the Bills not only win tonight but win by over a touchdown and expose the Patriots and Mac Jones.

Pick: Buff -5.5 (+133)

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