Week 14 Winners

Now I know it has been a little bit since I’ve busted out the old pen and given the people some winners. However I am back for the home stretch looking to build the bank roll back up for the playoffs. First I have to mention the screw job that happened to Kenny Heisman last night as he finished 3rd in the Heisman voting. While I did think he should have won given what he was able to do with less talent then Young, the fact he finished 3rd is ridiculous. Aiden Hutchinson wasn’t even the best defensive player in the nation this past year. He didn’t even win the Narguski but somehow we’re putting him 2nd in Heisman. Like I said absolute screw job, only positive is that it will give Kenny the necessary fuel to light up Michigan State in the Peach Bowl. Right now the line is MSU -1 because Pickett hasn’t fully committed to playing in the game. If Pickett commits to playing I expect that line to jump to Pitt -3, which I why I’m gonna hop on it now anticipating him playing. Alright let’s make some NFL picks.

Big Dog Parlay

I love multiple money line dogs this week. They are all games where I look at them and wonder how these teams are getting points, or games where the teams need to win in order to keep their seasons alive. I have 4 teams in the money line parlay. First we have Baltimore at Cleveland. These teams met two weeks ago and the Ravens won by 6. Now they are down their best corner but the Browns and Baker aren’t going to be able to take advantage of that. If the Ravens can limit Chubb and Hunt then they should win. Next we have the Falcons at Carolina. I mean I don’t think Cam Newton should be a favorite at this point in his career and it’s as simple as that. Next we have Buffalo at Tampa Bay. This is a must win for the Bills after their embarrassing Monday night performance so I expect them to throw the kitchen sink at Tampa here and find a way to win. Last game in the parlay is Rams at the Cardinals. When they last met the Cardinals put a beat down on the Rams. I think this is a game that the Rams know they need to win to be taken seriously this year. They went all in for this year and if they loss here then their season is all but over. The ATL, BAL, BUFF, LAR ML parlay is paying at +2241.

DAL (-6) @ WASH

This just seems like too many points for this matchup. The Football team has been playing well the past few weeks and the Cowboys have been sputtering. Also playing in Washington gives the Football team an advantage because they are used to the shitty field conditions. Give me Washington +6, and I think I will sprinkle the ML at + 220.

NYG @ LAC (-9)

Now normally I don’t like taking this big of favorites but it’s tough to pass it up when the Giants quarterback will be either Jake Fromm or a concussed Mike Glennon. The Giants have a solid defense but I don’t think even they can keep it within double digits. Give me the Chargers -9.

LV @ KC (-9.5)

If I’m already taking one 9 point favorite I might as well double down and go KC here. KC has been winning but still haven’t put together that signature beat down that let’s you know they are back. I think this is the week they do that. Late in the year against a struggling divisional opponent no time like the present to put up a 3 score win. I’m taking KC -9.5.

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