Tuesday Night Football

Who doesn’t love some Tuesday night football especially with the Eagles playing. I don’t think this will end up getting out before kick off but if you know my love of both alliteration and teasers then the bet tonight should be obvious. We will have 3 bets, all of them Tuesday teasers. First is the Eagles versus the Football team. In this game we will tease the Eagles and the Under. The Eagles get back Jalen Hurts tonight and should be able to move the ball on the ground and through the air. The Football team are starting Garrett Gilbert so I’m not sure if they will be able to score a single point against a solid Eagles defense.

Bet 1: PHL -3, Under 46.5

In the other game we will be teasing the Rams and the over. The Seahawks are a bad team, their defense isn’t very good and unless Russ is playing out of his mind they don’t have much going for them. Their rushing attack won’t be able to exploit the Rams and they will have a tough time slowing down the Rams offense. I have a tough time seeing how this second teaser loses.

Bet 2: LAR -.5, Over 40

Last bet is the Bird bet. The premise of this bet is the fact that I love alliteration. It’s a parlay with the Eagles -10 and Seattle + 6.5. I don’t love it but I like the name I gave it so hopefully it hits.


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