Rich Homie John Week 9

Mike White! Mike White! Mike White!
What a debut from Hall of Famer Mike White. One of the best Jets games in recent memory. Totally outplaying the Bengals and coming away with a win despite three turnovers. I peed my pants a little bit when Shaq Lawson made the interception in the fourth quarter. Joe Nolan was really in his bag on third down calls last Sunday. Cannot beat it.

Now the Jets face a short week and a trip to Indianapolis where they find themselves once again a double-digit underdog. I could sort of understand the spread last week at +10.5; Jets were coming off an absolute shellacking at the hands of the Patriots and were starting a backup QB making his first ever start in the NFL. But this one? I don’t quite understand how the Jets find themselves a double-digit underdog to Carson Wentz. I mean, the Jets have the clear and decided advantage at QB tonight! The most important position in team sports! The secondary will make up for lost time with at least three INTs of Wentz tonight. I just looked it up and apparently Carson Wentz only has three INTs this season? That simply cannot be correct. He’ll double it tonight.

The Jets have been a horrible road team this season, with a point differential of -72 in three true road games. That won’t cut it tonight. Some key matchups in the trenches could determine this one. Keep an eye on AVT vs DeForest Buckner and Quinnen Williams vs Quenton Nelson. If the Jets can win those individual matchups I think they will be able to keep it close. The Colts will probably try to take away the short passing game where Mike White thrived last week so he’ll have to prove that he can throw the deep ball. I think it goes without saying that Mike White is more than capable of driving the ball down the field. His Wikipedia page says that he was a ‘highly regarded baseball pitcher’ with an ERA of 0.43 in high school. Arm strength is off the charts. I think he can handle the hostile environs of the Lucas Oil Dome with those priors.

The pick here is quite obvious. Jets all day against the spread. This feels more like a field goal. Have to continue to take advantage while Vegas undervalues Big Mike White.

Pick: Jets + 10
Big Hank’s long-shot of the week: Jets moneyline +380

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