Super Bowl 53

Super bowl Sunday is a day always filled with mixed emotions, it’s an opportunity to watch the two best teams in the NFL battle it out for the right to call themselves world champions. However I always feel a great deal of sadness knowing that this is the last football game for 6 months.

The Super Bowl is also a great day to be a bettor because even if you don’t know shit about football there is still money to be made in prop bets. If you can dream it I’m sure you can find it as a prop bet on mybookie. They have 28 different prop bet categories, anything from coin toss to weather Gisele will show more cleavage than Sean McVays girlfriend.

As you know I don’t like betting on the Patriots, my hatred for them burns hotter than ten thousand suns so I’m mainly going to focus on side bets. This is a good way if you hate the Patriots to keep the game entertaining as they go for their 6th Super Bowl title.

We also have some special prop bets courtesy of Bobby “The Kid”.

  • Anthem O/U 1:47: Pick Over (-160): This is almost a sure thing, no one ever sings a quick anthem at the Super Bowl.
  • Will a Fan Run on the Field Y/N: Pick Yes (+800): A fan ran on the field in the AFC Championship game and you gotta love those odds.
  • Who Will the Super Bowl MVP Mention First in Their Speech: Pick Family or Family Member (+500): Brady hates god and his teammates and I expect him to win.

The key to picking good Super Bowl props is that you want ones that will keep you locked in all game. You want a good mix of player props but then also you want to bet on commercials and the half time show. Alright well below is where I’ll be putting my money today.

First you wanna put some money on the coin toss, makes a normally boring event absolutely delightful.

  • Coin Toss Heads or Tails: Pick Tails (-102): This is one of the easiest bets of all time, there is literally a phrase about how picking tails never fails. Easy money.
  • Broadcast shows a photo of Aaron Donald Topless Y/N: Pick Yes (+300): It would be criminal not to show the people this photo.

Image result for aaron donald ripped

  • Which Commercial Will Appear First Pringles or Doritos: Pick Doritos (-200): I honestly wouldn’t expect the odds here to only be -200, I mean does Pringles even have super bowl commercials. I always remember the Doritos commercials but I can’t recall one Pringles, seems like a nice safe bet.
  • Will Broadcast show Rams Saints missed Pass Interference play Y/N: Pick Yes (+140): The only way I could see them not showing this play is if they are on strict orders from the NFL to not do so.
  • Jared Goff Completions Vs Kwahi Leonard PTS: Pick Goff (+3): I expect Goff to have a good game and if Leonard keeps pace with his season average it would mean Goff just needs 25 completions.
  • Post Game Gatorade Shower: Pick Blue (+400): I feel like Blue is a safe bet here, especially given the odds. I mean Blue is the best flavor of Gatorade anyway so at +400 it’s too good to pass up.
  • First Song Played by Maroon 5 During Halftime Show: Pick Payphone (+2000): I’ll be honest this was the only song I recognized on the list and it’s got great long shot odds.
  • Will Big Boi wear a gold Chain: Pick Yes (-700): No explanation really needed, it would be the upset of the Century if he didn’t wear a chain.

Well those are my prop bets, and I guess if you want to bet on the game I would take the over. Everyone is talking about how both teams will want to establish the run but I think there will be big plays to be had for both teams. Also no way I could root for an under in a Super Bowl, so take the over and root for the Rams to win 58-0. Pick Over 56 Prediction: LA 60 NE 3

Alright well that will do it for me on this NFL season, I’ll try to be more consistent with my NBA picks but I lose most of them anyway.

-Big Dog

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