Week 5 Picks

Jesus I did not need to start my NFL Sunday with the Jets getting embarrassed in London. The offenses refusal to do anything in the first half is infuriating. Zach Wilson’s inaccuracy is almost laughable. They managed to score 17 against a team who was averaging 30 points let up in the year. Let’s forget about the Jets and how bad they are and pick some winners.

Teaser Time

Let’s start with our teaser, which is 2-1 on the year. This week we are picking the 3 biggest favors to add them into the teaser. This takes the Ravens to +0, the Bucs to -4, and the Vikings to -3. I don’t love any of these games outside of the teaser but teasing them down 7 makes me love them all. I mean the Vikings will absolutely beat the Lions by more than 3. The Bucs might shut out the Dolphins, so 4 is an easy bet. Then it’s just for the Ravens to win at home agains the Colts which is a bet I love.

We will have to go rapid fire to get this out before 1 as the Jets we’re getting shit pumped during my normal writing time.

Pick 1: DEN -2

The Steelers offense is very bad. Big Ben cannot push the ball down field and their running game is non existent. While it worries me slightly that Bridgewater was in concussion protocol all week, I don’t think it will matter much when the Steelers put up 7 total points.

Pick 2: DAL -7

The Cowboys have looked like the best team in the NFC this year. Besides their lone loss to the Bucs week 1 they have won each game handily. Now they get to go up against Danny Dimes who despite what you might have read online is a bad quarterback. I also don’t expect the Giants defense to be able to stop the Cowboys offense.

Pick 3: GB -2.5

This feels like a rat line but sometimes you just have to munch down on some cheese. I don’t know how this is only a 2.5 point spread. Yes the Bengals have looked good this year but so have the Packers. Maybe the Bengals can do something with Jaire Alexander out but I still think Rodgers puts up enough that it won’t matter.

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