Week 2 Thursday Night Football

The audacity of Stephen Gostkowski to miss three kicks and an extra point on Monday night. That jabroni cost me my perfect 2-0 night. I was all over the under in the early game and if Gostkowski makes even 1 of those kicks we are walking away 2-0 riding high into week 2. Even without the that win we still put together a winning week and are ready to build off of that. Like I said I am seeing the board so crystal clear right now it should be illegal. What I am doing shouldn’t be considered gambling because that implies there is some chance involved. There is no chance here, just someone who has figured out NFL betting and is ready to make money hand over fist. At the end of the season I am expecting people to be sending me thank you notes talking about how they were able to pay off their student loans because of my picks, talking about how they bought a house in all cash because of how many winners I gave out. I’m going to walk down the street and strangers are going to walk up to me and sing my praises. That all starts tonight with an ultimate stinker of a Thursday Night Football. The battle for Ohio between the Browns, coming off getting smoked by the Ravens, and the Bengals coming off a hilarious loss to the Chargers. I just want to shout out Randy Bullock for the classic move of faking an injury right after fucking up. If I were an NFL kicker I would grab my leg after every miss. You have such an easy out I don’t know why more people don’t employ the strategy. These teams come into this game after scoring a combined 19 points between the two of them in week 1. I expect them to combine for more than that but I don’t think this will be high scoring game. The Browns offense looks dysfunctional and the Bengals will have a tough time blocking the Browns pass rush. Also I refuse to put my hard earned money on the Browns at -6. That is such a high number for the Browns to be favored by especially after how they played last week. Give me under 44.5 in this one and sit back and enjoy the ineptitude of these two teams. Sometimes its cleansing as a Jets fan to watch other bad teams play football to let us know that we are not alone in being a dumpster fire of a franchise.

Pick: Under 44.5

-Big Dog

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