Rich Homie John Week 7

The second matchup of Bills vs Jets this week. The week 1 matchup did not go well for the Jets or for Rich Homie John. We have found a bit of a rhythm betting against the Jets these past few weeks. However, the line of +10 this week feels about 2.5 to 3.5 too high, depending on how much you think home field advantage is worth in 2020.

Despite the Jets being 0-6 ATS and straight up, we are taking the Jets. In week 1, I called the Bills ‘charitably the fourth best team in the AFC.’ The Bills are the frauds we thought they were. Their Super Bowl dreams were dashed the second Derrick Henry stiff-armed Josh Norman into the Andromeda galaxy.

Pick: Jets +10
Big Hank long-shot of the week: Jets ML +408

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