Rich Homie John Week 15

Week 15
For what seems like the eighth consecutive week, the Jets are double digit underdogs. They travel to LA for a league-mandated showdown against the Rams. The Rams are laying -17 with a total of 44.5 points.

I saw a Jets team that had quit on the season last week. They have the inevitable sense of dread that comes with playing on the worst team in the history of the NFL. This team has no interest in flying across the country and getting its ass kicked up and down the field for three hours. The Jets players are all envious of Gregg Williams getting an early start to the holiday season. Players comments to the media reek of a team that despises the fact that all of its games are aired on television.

But hey, on the bright side, Trevor Lawrence looked good last night. Just need Trevor to get through the next two Clemson games uninjured and the season will be a success. Looking forward to post-pandemic life next September and a packed MetLife stadium on the home opener with Trevor Lawrence under center and Bill Cowher on the sidelines is getting me through this dark winter. Might drink a thousand beers at the tailgate that day.

Anyways, while visions of Lawrence dance in our heads, let’s go ahead and take the Under 13 for Jets team total. Take the Rams -17 as well for good measure.

Picks: Rams -17, Under 13 Jets team total.
Big Hank’s long shot of the week: Any Team to Score 40+ – Yes, +400

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