Thursday Night Football Week 2

Week 2 and we already are into the shitty Thursday night quarterback matchups. On the Football team side of things we have Tyler Heineke filling in for Ryan Fitzpatrick who went down week 1 with a broken hip. It is an unfortunate outcome for the football team who thought the addition of Fitzpatrick would offer an improvement over last years abysmal quarterback play. Adding that with a top defense and their fans were feeling legitimately optimistic. Now in week 2 they are trotting out Tyler again, their defense underperformed week 1 and their big free agent signing is sitting on IR. Lucky for them they have the ultimate get right game against the Giants.

When talking about the Giants I really wanna focus on how bad Daniel Jones is at football. Jones has turned the ball over in 22/27 of his career games and comes into tonight with a 0-5 record on Thursday Night Football. Daniel Jones lives to fumble the football. He wakes up in the morning with one thing on his mind and that is coughing the ball up. The weather tonight will not do any favors for the Giants as their is a flash flood watch in affect till 9 pm. You can expect a minimum of 1 turnover from Jones tonight but more likely we are looking at 2-3. I expect at least one of his turnovers to be a pick, so we will take over .5 interceptions at -162. The Giants offensive line is not very good and the Football team is coming off a down game from their defensive line. I expect them to record multiple sacks and at least 1 of those sacks will be recorded by Chase Young. Take over .5 sacks at -125 for young tonight.

Next pick seems obvious from the above 2 bets, and that is Wash -4. I think this will be Jones last year as the Giants starter as I expect them to move on at the end of the year. While the Jets have been very bad for a very long time, over the last 4 years the Giants have been just have bad. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has watched the two teams quarterback play over that span of time. The Jets did the right thing and cut bait with a sinking QB and I expect the Giants to do the same this off-season. It doesn’t help the Giants chances tonight that Barkley does not look ready to be playing. If Barkley was full health maybe I could get behind NYG +4 but with him in his current state it’s tough to see a path for NYG to cover.

Last thing we will sprinkle some money on is Logan Thomas to score a Td. It’s not the best odds at +175 but I expect the Giants to do everything they can to take away Terry and in doing so will allow Thomas to eat.

– Big Dog

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